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Artificial Turf

Why Artificial?


  • Pet turf

  • Laws and landscaping

  • Putting greens and golf

  • Tee lines and hitting matts

  • Baseball and batting cages

  • Sports fields

  • Speciality sports

  • Athletics 

  • Playgrounds

  • Crossfit and agility turf


Realistic lawns and sport that maintain their beauty under a harsh northern Ontario climate with no watering, little maintenance and absolutely no weeds (and your pet will love).

A few years back Surface Design & Décor was looking for synthetic turf options to add to its complement of outdoor options and the best choice was Synthetic Turf International.  The finest looks, feel and support made the choice simple, it had to work for our local community and this was the one product that actually worked in the playgrounds, businesses, yards and pools the best.


Those looking to add a little dynamic and fun to their yards or businesses, the Synthetic Turf International lineup comes complete with a number of custom colours, sports facility and golf options to guarantee a world of difference in any place or space.

With Surface Design & Décor and Synthetic Turf International, experience a greener world!

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