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Our Team


John and

Tammy-Lee Pappano

- Owners -

John and Tammy-Lee work their business hands-on. John takes care of the installation and construction aspects of the business. He works tirelessly to ensure that each installation is met with the same attention to detail as to his own home. Tammy-Lee takes care of the day-to-day operations of the business. With Tammy-Lee’s strong background in organization and a firm grasp on the business, she ensures that your time invested with Surface Design & Décor will be handled with care and attention to detail.

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Olivia Ranta

 - Business Administrator -

Olivia is our business administrator. She is known as Tammy-Lee's right-hand woman, and between the two of them, they can tackle anything. Olivia is also the media voice that we're sure you have heard from time to time. She has a strong belief in representing our product and brings that point home for us.

Bianca Pappano
 - Junior Business Administrator -

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Jennifer Henry
- Sales Specialist - 

Jennifer decided to come work for us in late 2010. She quickly grasped the concept of house plans and measurements. Her love for design and organization is just what we needed! She complimented what our builders were looking for, as well as balanced the budget for the client. If you are looking to add a unique and creative twist to your home, allow Jennifer to inspire and pull everything together.  

Sylvain Rochon

- Sales Specialist -

Sylvain combines a number of key attributes that anyone visiting the Surface Design & Décor showroom will treasure.  With countless years of experience working with designers, builders and most importantly homeowners this gentleman will dedicate time to ensure that every design element that you are exploring can be finished in your space.  Moving from construction and building into an important part of the Surface family was an effortless transition and his creativity and in-depth knowledge of the trades has created countless happy and returning customers.
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IMG_5285 2.heic

Michael Smith

- Sales Specialist -

Michael has a deep appreciation for all things design, having worked in the trade for many years as both an industry representative and a sales consultant at a store level. If you haven’t worked with him before you will soon realize he loves to chat and choosing the perfect product for your project is always his highest priority. Michael enjoys a fascination with finishes and strives to understand all facets of the project ensuring that your choice will truly translate to a lifetime investment and peace of mind.

Iain Riddoch

- Commercial Sales & Synthetic Turf Specialist -

Iain is a close and trusted partner to our architects, contractors, builders and homeowners.  Entrusted to commercial project development with designs that we guarantee that you have seen throughout Northern Ontario he is definitely a valuable commodity to anyone looking to build or renovate their home. Coming from the bright lights of southern Ontario, armed with an extensive commercial background and exemplary service pedigree he will make creating a perfect space uncomplicated and effortless. Iain also our dependable artificial turf specialist giving him more than a few hats here at Surface Design & Décor.
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Matt Laporte
- Senior Wood Specialist -

Matt may very well be the glue that holds the building together. Growing up in the industry and with intimate knowledge of the materials that Surface Design & Décor makes available to its builders, contractors, and customers, the job just doesn’t get done without Matt.  Primarily in the wood shop, stain and finish is his specialty. With that being said, don’t be surprised that if you have a delivery Matt is there to ensure that you are left satisfied knowing that everything was completed to his approval.

Dakota Poitras, Nick Brown, Gavin Lariviere
- Wood Department -

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